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Stop wasting time on complicated checkout forms and forced account registrations. Log in and check out everywhere with just a few clicks.

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Save time

No more remembering passwords. No more filling in forms. Have more time for what really matters to you.


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Input your info with eigenlinks one last time and log in & check out in all the shops you love with just a couple of clicks.


Play it safe
Take back control over your data and simply decide on how private you want to go. You are in charge.


Erase friction
Eliminate pitfalls and offer your customers an unforgettably seamless experience.

Drive conversion
Streamline your checkout process to chase revenue, not cart abandoners.

Get personal
Engage in a real dialogue with your customers and take user centricity to the next level.


Every day we face the same seemingly trivial questions: What should I wear? What’s for dinner? What’s my password again, for this shop I’m browsing now?

eigenlinks began with the belief that it is inefficient and insecure to have your data scattered all over the internet. It is also frustrating and time-consuming to repetitively fill out the same forms with the same information online.

We believe in the need for a transparent and consent-based way of sharing personal data in situations you use it most often – when you shop online.

We do not share our phone number with our trusted bakery. We do not want to engage in deep relationships with every brand we buy. So why does online shopping sometimes feel more demanding and restrictive than visiting physical stores?

We are rethinking the way you shop online. eigenlinks is building a fast and simple login and checkout solution, and that is just the beginning.

We are thrilled to develop a service that we wish existed a long time ago. By doing that, we want to improve your online shopping experience, allow you to be in charge of your data sharing, and give you more time for what really matters.

Your data. Your choice.

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